Adjusting The Heating Thermostat

3 Thermostat Mistakes You’re Probably Making in Big Spring, TX

October 14, 2022

Do you ever feel like your home is never quite comfortable? It’s either too hot or too cold, and you can’t seem to get it right. Here are three common thermostat mistakes that homeowners in Big Spring, TX, often make when managing their HVAC system:

Frequently Adjusting Your Temperature Setting

Do you constantly adjust your thermostat throughout the day? If so, you could be wasting a lot of energy. Every time you change the temperature, your furnace or air conditioner has to work harder to maintain the new setting, which can use a lot of energy. Instead of making small daily adjustments, it’s best to set your thermostat to a consistent temperature and leave it alone.

Inaccurate Temperature Setting

If you’ve set your thermostat too high, your heat pump or furnace will have to work harder to heat your home, which can also lead to higher energy bills. To avoid wasting energy and money, ensuring your thermostat is set to the correct temperature is important. During the winter, aim for an indoor temperature around 68 degrees.

Failure to Lower Your Thermostat When You Leave Home

Like most people, you probably tend to leave your thermostat set to the same temperature all day, even when you’re not home. However, this mistake can end up costing you a lot of money in energy bills.

When you’re not home, there’s no need to keep your house as warm as it is when you’re there. Instead, you can lower your thermostat by a few degrees and save money on energy. For every degree lower than 68 for eight hours a day, you can save up to 2 percent on your energy bills.

Do you want to maximize comfort and energy savings this winter? Call WTR (West Texas Refrigeration) for expert heating services. Our team can help you find the ideal temperature for your home and make sure your furnace or heat pump is working properly.

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