Considering Drain Cleaning Services

5 Signs You Need Drain Cleaning in Odessa, TX

August 19, 2023

Your home’s pipes go through a lot of stress. Whether you’ve passed food scraps through your kitchen drains or you’ve flushed certain items down the toilet, the potential for drain clogs is ever-present. Check out five signs you need drain cleaning in Odessa, TX, today:

Standing Water

Standing water refers to any water you see around a drain that shouldn’t be there. Water backing up in your shower or tub is a sign of a clog in that line, but you can see it around any drain opening. Clogs that form inside the drain result in water being unable to pass through, which leads to water building up around your drain.

Slow Drain

A slow drain usually occurs when you have a clog. Water and debris move slowly as they work through and around the clog.

Strong Odors

Strong odors are another sign you need drain cleaning. A sewer or raw sewage smell can come from your sewer line, but other drains can produce foul odors. Debris and bacteria inside the drain build up to create the smell.

Frequent Pests

Flies and other pests hovering around your drains are indicative of a drain clog. They’re attracted to the food and other debris trapped in the pipe.

Constant Clogs

Pay attention to frequent or constant clogs, too. Recurring clogs are common for those who use drain cleaners , because while they break up some of the clogs, they usually just push it further into the pipe. The buildup will not go away until you clean the drain.

Standing water, frequent pests, constant clogs, strong odors and slow drains are some of the common signs you need drain cleaning. The sooner you get professional help, the quicker you’ll get back to using your plumbing system the right way. Contact us at WTR (West Texas Refrigeration) today to find out more about our plumbing services.

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