Should I Repair or Replace My Boiler in Big Spring, TX?

November 8, 2021

An efficient boiler is a must-have as winter approaches. If you have been experiencing occasional boiler breakdowns, deciding whether to replace or repair it can be a bit tricky. Here are some insights to help you choose which is better for your Big Spring, TX, home:

Age of the Boiler

Ideally, your boiler should serve you for at least 10 years. Boilers older than this break down more frequently.

If your old boiler begins showing signs of trouble, it’s time you ditched it for a modern model. However, if the boiler is relatively new, professional repairs will solve emergency problems. If you’re purchasing a new boiler, consult a service technician to help you choose from the most durable and efficient model.

Frequency of Failures

You want your boiler to serve effectively throughout its lifespan. You may notice minor faults in the boiler from time to time. Professional repair and maintenance should resolve these issues.

However, if your boiler fails every month or so, it’s best to seek a replacement. Paying for recurring repairs isn’t only expensive but also annoying and inconvenient.

Cost of Repairs

As your boiler’s age advances, operational problems could become more severe, and your repair costs could grow higher. According to HVAC experts, the cost of repairs shouldn’t exceed half the price of a new boiler.

It’ll be less expensive in the long run if you replace your boiler instead of incurring frequent repair bills. Most new boilers come with a warranty that covers you whenever you have issues. Additionally, modern models are more durable thanks to their smart technology.

Contact our team at WTR (West Texas Refrigeration) for all your heating system needs. We’re your go-to company for professional boiler services, including repair and replacement. You can depend on us to deliver excellence every time.

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