Need New Smart Thermostat

Do You Need a New Smart Thermostat in Midland, TX?

October 14, 2021

Most homes in Midland, TX, have an HVAC system. But it can only run efficiently when the thermostat is working well. You may need a new smart thermostat immediately if you notice any of the following issues:

Your HVAC System Doesn’t Receive the Prompts

Your HVAC system should respond to the thermostat prompts. Therefore, if your HVAC system is no longer communicating with the thermostat, you may need to replace it. You should let professionals check the wiring inside the thermostat before replacing it.

Your Energy Bills Have Gone Higher

High energy bills can be a sign that your HVAC system doesn’t work efficiently. This system may fail to work efficiently due to a faulty thermostat. If you don’t replace the thermostat, it could make the system overwork, leading to increased power consumption.

The Temperature Reading is Incorrect

If you set your thermostat to a high temperature but notice that your house is cool, it’s time to replace it. A malfunctioning sensor usually causes this, especially if the thermostat is old. Before replacing the thermostat, you should use a portable thermometer to verify whether the thermostat’s temperature reading is correct.

Your Thermostat Forgets the Programmed Settings

If your thermostat is programmable, it should maintain the programmed settings until you change it. If your thermostat cannot maintain these settings over a long time, it may be faulty, so you should let professionals assess it.

Your Thermostat is Old

A thermostat’s lifespan is usually 10 years. Therefore, if you have been using the same thermostat for at least that long, you should consider replacing it with a new model, such as a smart thermostat.

You should consider replacing your thermostat if it’s faulty. Contact WTR (West Texas Refrigeration) when you’re in need of smart thermostat installation services. Our professional team will help your HVAC system run more efficiently.

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