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Identifying the 4 Worst Spots for a New Smart Thermostat

January 21, 2024

When you don’t have your smart thermostat installed in an appropriate area, it can wreak havoc on your indoor comfort. You may find your home never feels warm enough or gets too hot too fast. Here are a few places you should never install a smart thermostat in Odessa, TX.

Near Vents

Thermostats placed too close to vents are more susceptible to drafts. As a result, they misread temperatures and direct HVAC systems to turn on or off when they shouldn’t, creating uncomfortable conditions.

In a Hallway

The best place for a smart thermostat is in the main living or dining room. Ideally, you should install it in a room that your family spends a lot of time in during the day. Choosing an out-of-the-way closet or hallway won’t accurately represent the best temperature for your comfort.

In Direct Sunlight

Walls that receive a lot of daily sun exposure tend to be much warmer than those in the shade. This can affect your thermostat by turning it on more frequently in the summer and not enough in the winter. You’re likely also to experience irregular energy bill spikes and HVAC stress that requires more frequent repairs.

Near a Window/Door

Your exterior doors and windows all directly interact with the outside world. This means that when you open or close them, they let in drafts that disrupt your thermostat’s readings. Consistent temperature discrepancies can impact your device’s efficiency when communicating with your HVAC system.

Your smart thermostat is your only way of controlling your furnace, heat pump or air conditioner. To ensure it’s as effective as possible, you should place it away from drafts, physical obstructions and sunlight. Contact WTR (West Texas Refrigeration) today to ask about our smart thermostat installation services in and around Odessa, TX.

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