Manual Thermostats

3 HVAC Issues Caused by Outdated Manual Thermostats

November 17, 2023

A thermostat is a crucial part of your HVAC system because it controls when its operation. It plays a vital part in regulating the temperature in your Midland, TX, home. If you still have an old and outdated manual thermostat, you can run into serious problems. There are three common issues that outdated manual thermostats can cause.

Electrical Problems

Thermostats contain a variety of electrical components that help it do its job. As thermostats age, wear and tear occurs, such as wire corrosion. Problems may not be apparent immediately, but they will manifest as time passes.

When corrosion occurs, you may find it more difficult to control your HVAC system. Eventually, the thermostat will fail completely.

Wasted Energy

Manual thermostats don’t help conserve energy in the same way newer smart models do. Smart thermostats have electronic sensors that enable them to achieve temperature control by making accurate measurements.

If you purchase a model that carries the Energy Star label, you can have confidence you will cut energy costs. According to Energy Star, thermostats that carry the Energy Star label can help you save as much as eight percent on your utility bills.

Difficulty Achieving a Comfortable Temperature

Because manual thermostats aren’t always accurate, you may find it difficult to achieve a comfortable temperature in the home. The confusion lies with the fact that the thermostat can give one reading; however, the actual temperature will feel much different. Problems are especially seen with mercury-based models, as bumping them can cause them to be out of alignment.

Purchasing a modern thermostat may be low on your priority list, especially if your current one still functions. However, installing a newer model ensures your system works efficiently and you remain comfortable. Call WTR (West Texas Refrigeration) to learn about our HVAC services, including smart thermostat installations.

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