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Heat Pumps: How Can They Heat and Cool a Home in Texas?

March 15, 2021

When it’s time to replace your home’s heating and cooling system, a heat pump is a wise choice for mild climates like Midland, TX. The winters here aren’t extremely cold, so a heat pump is an energy-efficient option. A heat pump can also cool your home in the summertime. Here’s how the heat pump can both heat and cool your Texas home:

How Heat Pumps Cool

During the summertime, a heat pump absorbs heat from your home and transfers it to the outdoor air. It does this with a chemical refrigerant. For a cooling cycle, the heat pump moves cold, low-pressure refrigerant into the indoor coil. The refrigerant absorbs heat from your home’s air. Water vapor condenses out of the air and drains away through the condensate line. The refrigerant moves into the compressor, which pressurizes it. Heat from the refrigerant is released to the outdoors, completing the cooling cycle.

The Role of the Reversing Valve

Heat pumps have a reversing valve that reverses the flow of refrigerant through the system. The reversing valve allows the heat pump to switch between heating and cooling functions. It will also occasionally do this during the heating season in order to melt the ice from the outdoor coils.

How Heat Pumps Heat

In the wintertime, the refrigerant absorbs heat energy from the outdoor air and turns from a liquid into a gas. It’s able to do this even at temperatures around 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The compressor applies pressure to the gas, heating and expanding it. The gaseous refrigerant moves into the indoor unit. The blower blows cool air from your home across the coil. This heats the air and cools the refrigerant. The refrigerant returns to the outdoor coil, finishing the cycle.

Heat pumps work year-round to maintain your indoor comfort. To get the most out of your heat pump, you’ll need to schedule semi-annual maintenance visits. With proper maintenance, your heat pump will efficiently cool and heat your home all year long. Contact West Texas Refrigeration to learn more about our selection of heat pumps.

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