Ductless HVAC System

Ductless HVAC Systems: Benefits of Single- and Multi-Zone Setups

March 10, 2021

When you’re replacing your existing heating and cooling system, you may read or hear about zoned climate control. A zoned heating and cooling system allows you to set different temperatures for different parts of your home. This facilitates customized comfort and a smaller carbon footprint in Midland, TX. Before you decide which one of these ductless HVAC systems to get, it’s important to know about the benefits of each setup.

Precise Temperature Control

In many households, one person likes their room cooler, and someone else wants their room warmer. A multi-zone setup facilitates customized climate control. A zone’s heating or cooling can be turned off when it’s not needed. Each zone has a thermostat, and they can be set to different temperatures. In a single-zone setup for a home addition, its thermostat can be set to a temperature that’s different from the rest of the home’s temperature.

Installation and Design Flexibility

Single-zone and multi-zone ductless HVAC systems give you a lot of design flexibility. Since there aren’t any obtrusive ducts to deal with, you’ll have more options for placing light fixtures, windows and doors. You’ll also have more living space. The compact nature of ductless zoned heating and cooling systems also makes them a good choice for tiny houses, older homes and home renovation projects.

Cost-Effective Heating and Cooling

Ducts are known to leak as much as 30% of the heated or cooled air. With no leaky ducts, your home’s heating and cooling costs should decrease by a considerable amount. Since no warmed or cooled air will leak away, your home’s temperature will be more consistent. You won’t have to deal with rooms or parts of rooms that are too cold or too hot.

When adding onto your home or converting an unused attic or basement into a living area, a single-zone setup is a wise choice. A multi-zone setup is ideal for a newly constructed, older or small homes. Both of these options provide cost savings, enhanced comfort and space-saving features. Contact West Texas Refrigeration to learn more about ductless HVAC.

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