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The Truth About These 7 HVAC Lies in Odessa, TX

July 22, 2021

Having an HVAC system is simply necessary for Odessa, TX, residents. These systems make our spaces livable during the harsh conditions of the summer and winter. When it comes to air conditioning, there are seven persistent misconceptions going around in our communities. Read on to learn more about them.

Lowering the Thermostat Will Cool the Home Fast

You’ve probably heard from a well-meaning friend that turning down the thermostat as low as possible will cool your home much quicker; however, this is just a myth. Air conditioning units have thermostats installed to communicate to the system about when to turn on or turn off, depending on the temperature you set. Setting the thermostat to the lowest point possible won’t make the AC system work any harder or faster. It’ll actually put strain on it, resulting in wear and tear and repairs.

Setting the Thermostat to the Same Temperature is Energy Efficient

This is another myth regarding thermostats. Maintaining the same temperature throughout the day and night requires more energy to combat the changing exterior temperature. This means that leaving the thermostat at the same temperature isn’t energy efficient.

Some energy-saving tips include purchasing a programmable thermostat to regulate the temperature throughout the day. These devices can work automatically on their own to regulate your home’s temperature based on the weather outside. You can also use your smartphone to change the settings remotely.

Closing Vents in Unused Rooms Will Save Energy

Closing vents in empty rooms won’t increase energy efficiency. Instead, this action will cause airflow pressure to build up in the ducts, causing leaking at the vent seams.

If you want your HVAC system to serve rooms that require heating or cooling and to ignore empty rooms such as the guest room, zoning is the way to go about it. A zoned HVAC system will let you create zones in your system that will allow you to get independent heating and cooling in individual rooms.

Duct Tape is a Good Sealant for Air Duct Leaks

Although duct tape is a multipurpose product used for general sealing, its capability doesn’t extend to duct leaks. This is because it tends to peel with time, and for that reason, it’s not a good sealant for air duct leaks.

If you need your duct sealed, the best idea is to get it done professionally by an HVAC service technician. Alternatively, you can use aluminum foil tape or mastic sealant. Of the two, mastic sealant is the most preferable.

Change the HVAC Filter Once a Year

This is another myth that you should not pay any attention to because it’ll undermine the functioning of your AC system. It’s recommended that you change your filter at least every other month, but if you’re a pet owner, consider changing it more regularly. Pets, such as hairy dogs, shed a lot of fur and dander.

Bigger is Always Better in HVAC Systems

This myth is far from the truth because large HVAC systems don’t mean better cooling or greater energy efficiency. In fact, an oversized unit will cycle on and off, increasing the humidity level in your home. It’ll also cause dust leaks and poor air distribution.

On the other hand, an undersized unit will run longer, causing a rise in your energy bill. This means that HVAC systems need to measure up to the size of your home. We can estimate the correct sizing of your air conditioning system. The service technician will factor in the measurements of your home as well as the features of your current system.

Ceiling Fans are for Cooling Purposes Only

Most of us believe that the sole purpose of the ceiling fan is to cool our living spaces. However, a ceiling fan can also generate heat if you reverse its direction. If the fan runs in the clockwise direction, the fan focuses the breeze upwards, forcing the warmer air downward and ultimately warming your indoor space.

By dispelling these common misconceptions and providing facts, we hope that you’ll now use and maintain your HVAC system effectively. Contact WTR (West Texas Refrigeration) for air conditioning, heating and many other home comfort services.

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